Editor in Chief Jason encourages kids to continue King’s Dream

BE Entertained Magazine’s own Editor-In-Chief Jason “J.Write” Dinsmore was a keynote speaker at Atlanta, Georgia’s Continental Colony Elementary School today. The all-male event, “Kings of Continental Colony: Immersing in the King’s Dream” was an opportunity for kids and adults alike to fellowship and share ways and ideas to continue the legacy of Dr. King’s dream of true success through liberty, justice and equality. Jason spoke on his personal journey to BEcome an educator to his beginnings writing his own children’s book My Adventure to Safety to co-owning and leading his own business. BE Magazine congratulates Jason for BEing a leader when it comes to contributing time to help others and BEing a BEacon of light to those who aspire to find their own paths to their dreams. Check out the pics BElow.

Special thanks to Ms. Sandra Sessoms, principal; Mrs. Shelton, and Mrs. Muhammad, instructional coaches; and the Student of the Month Committee Mrs. Pierce and Mr. Prater for providing the opportunity to for our youth to see real stories of success through hard work that Jason embodies.

5 Replies to “Editor in Chief Jason encourages kids to continue King’s Dream”

  1. I love seeing and reading stuff like this , these kids is our future ! Feed their minds to help them “Be” a better than me .. let the growth continue !!!

  2. This is why I admire BE Entertained!! Look at what they BE doing. . .giving back to us (the youth)!!! Ya’ll gotta BE doing something right, cause brothas like look up to what you are doing!!! Great job Jason!

  3. Jason, on behalf of Continental Colony’s Kings and administration staff, thank you so much for sharing your vision and encouraging our young men to be the very BEST they can be! GREAT JOB! You made our day.

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