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VODKILA kicked the off its official launch Monday, April 8th, at New York’s chic hot spot EVR. Our guest enjoyed delicious complementary VODKILA, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, and astonishing music by DL. The red carpet included Ramona Rizzo, Jay Alexander, Guy Lockard, Jennifer Williams, and Lovaboy TJ.

The VODKILA launch was an upbeat vibrant event. Many shared laughs and excitement for the first ever made vodka and tequila mixed liquor. The menu included two original creations:

VODKILA Rita: 1/2 ounce of VODKILA ORIGINAL, equal parts of (orange, cranberry, and pineapple juice), 3/4 ounce of Saint Germain, 3/4 ounce of fresh lemon juice, 1/4 ounce of simple syrup, a floater of red wine, add fresh fruit

VODKILA Vodcano : 4oz of VODKILA STRAIGHT, 1/4 oz of 18 yr old rum. 3/4 oz of sugar lime juice, 3 tangerine wedges, club soda, a dash of orange bitters, and fresh mint

Vodkila is a new alcohol drink that’s 100% natural with no artificial flavor and is the first vodka and tequila mix infused into one. Vodkila the brainchild of Amarante Gold Member who has a passion to create their own perfect ready mixed drinks whereas they were unable to find the proper blend in mixers, cocktails and premixed drinks on the market, by then AGM began creating their own blend if distilled mixed vodka with citrus fruit and just enough tequila to formulate it’s extraordinary taste. Over the next few years this remarkable blend was called “ONE NIGHT STAND” an eclectic new taste enjoyed by an energetic influential generation.


photo credit: Creme Magazine

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