BE On Location: NYC 9/11 Memorial Service at Ground Zero

The streets of New York are full of sadness today as families, friends, and loved ones gathered to rememBEr the victims of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks 10 years ago.

The tears were plentiful as families called out the names of victims one by one. Supporters showed up by the 1000’s to comfort one another and to pay tribute to the many lives lost after such a life altering tragedy.

While today is definitely a dim day & somBEr moment here in NY, there’s a real sense of triumph in the air. The smiles will never truly equal the tears, but it’s so powerful to see how we as Americans are still pulling together 10 years later to find some peace from this horrible ordeal.

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  1. Thanks Jason, For giving me the chance to know that as Americans we can still come together and support one another through Postive prayer on 9/11, 10 years later.
    Luv u Valeria

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