BE One-On-One: Ross Fleming of Damaged Goods

Ross Fleming may be new to the scene, but he is definitely not new to life. In his largest role to date, Ross plays the lead role in a dark production that forces you to explore the topic of sexual abuse. While most will be taken away by the plays plot, Ross is hoping that his performance has a lasting impression as well.

What’s your role in “Damaged Goods”?
I play Kent Taylor, he is the lead character in the play. He is a predator and molester and is responsible for damaging the lives of the other characters in the play.

What made you choose this role?
This is my first professional leading role and definitely the most extreme character I’d imagine I would ever play, which is exactly why I chose the role. I wanted a challenge and as an actor who is ready for larger roles and bigger audiences, I wanted to show people out the gate that I have the ability to convey a wide range of emotions.

How was it working with experienced cast members and being the “new kid on the scene”?
It’s been surreal and great! All my cast members are experienced and have had big roles before. The guy who plays my assistant is on a KFC commercial I see every morning on Sports Center. The cast, especially the vets, took to me and have been very supportive through the process. They’ve accepted me in my role and have allowed me to develop as an actor and find myself as the lead role in the play

What can the audience expect from “Damaged Goods”?
It’s a really dark play, emotional and very in your face. The audience can look to take an emotional roller coaster throughout the play. The play forces you to focus on the issue of sexual abuse. It will definitely start some interesting conversations. We are hoping that those conversations will in turn help start the healing and spread the word about preventing sexual abuse. Overall, the audience can expect a great production.

So tell me, who is Ross Fleming?
A REAL PERSON. (laughing). I’ve done a lot and lived a lot. I’m creative. I sing. I act. I write. And I’m a big dreamer. I’m an Atlanta native and someone who is excited to finally realize my dream and passion. I’m a fighter. I’ve experienced losing and winning. I’m someone who’s loved and been heartbroken. I’ve experienced a lot of facets of life and I’m ready for whatever is ahead.

With this being your first leading role, how do you see your career playing out?
That’s a big question. (pause) But, I want to continue to flourish and develop as an actor. I want more roles that will continue to help me build my craft and challenge my boundaries. I want to be successful and have the opportunity to work with individuals I’ve looked up too. I want to get to a point where I know I am living my dreams and doing what I absolutely love.

So what’s next for the super sexy Ross Fleming?
I’ve got a film that starts shooting in July and currently in development on a couple of other projects. So keep your fingers crossed and continue to support your boy.

“Damaged Goods” is playing at the Rialto Theater this Friday, April 27, 2012 @7:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased online at

Interview by Sibyl D. Perez, MBA






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