BE Positive BEcause Egypt Said So…

Egypt Sherrod is a veteran media mogul! When she touches a microphone, she instantly blesses whatever role she’s taking on. But even more than having a BEautiful voice, she has a BEautiful spirit that she’s learned to use for the BEtterment of herself and others, which didn’t always come so easy, but now appropriately wears the crown as the voice of black entertainment.

“Everybody’s journey is different, and I started in radio entirely by accident. I never thought I’d BE a radio personality, and I have to admit I never wanted to BE a radio personality. When I was younger I was extremely shy…” An attribute that one may never thing could have possible plagued Egypt from blossoming into the powerful voice she is today. After taking a work study job at WRTI FM at Temple University’s campus as a receptionist, the program director saw something in Egypt that she didn’t even see herself, and put her under his wing and assisted her in BEcoming a real bonafide radio personality, and she still credits that position as BEing one of her most influential jobs to date.

Egypt has BEen the prominent voice of many a station and show, whether it was a correspondent for “The Maury Show”, or reporting on CNN, BET, or dishing the dirt on Big Tigga’s Radio Show. Egypt also has learned how to necessarily transition along with the times by purchasing some “internet real estate” through her own site “I wanted to create an extension of what you hear on the radio & everyone knows that what we used to call street isn;t really street anymore, it’s on the internet. The internet is what’s hot in the streets right now, so I had to get some internet real estate to create, which at the time I was doing national syndicated entertainment reports for Live in the Den with Big Tigga & I was on BET doing the Black Carpet entertainment reports. So I said, let’s create this space and have daily updates & bits of real entertainment news.” Lots of people have noticed a paradigm shift in Egypt’s content, and have observed the switch from what some regard as gossip to actual coverage of peoples lives. “Sometimes we all have to look in the mirror at ourselves & to BE honest, I wasn’t happy about what I was putting out. For those that have followed from the very BEginning two years ago know that we have evolved a lot…the site, the content, what I post, the comments have all evolved a lot. That’s BEcause I’ve evolved as a person. I was in a space years ago where I didn’t understand the value and power of the microphone. We’re in a field, as of late, where “Tom Foolery”, foolishness, and hate are highlighted & people sort of love when people are mean to one another. I realized that I had fallen into that same trap & I looked in the mirror one day, and wasn’t proud of what I was doing. It was in that very moment that I said GOD has given me the power of of the microphone…I’ve talked to over 200 and a half million people, millions look at my website, they see me on television. I have a choice to make. Do I want my legacy to BE negative and a crabs in the barrel mentality, or do I want it to BE who I am at the very core of my soul, which is BEing disguised under all of these rags on the radio? I decided to do what’s unpopular; I’m going to put positive motivation on my site. I am going to post the news stories, but I don’t make the news, I just report it. If it happens to BE negative, it’s negative, but we don’t always have to tear each other down.”

Egypt is now proud of everything she puts out to the mass public, and can’t help but recollect on some of the interviews she’s done in the past from Oprah to Star Jones. Egypt’s favorite interview is actually a toss up BEtween Prince, Oprah, and Leonardo De Caprio. “A Little girl came out of me when I interviewed Prince in the studio. Here you have this man who was my first love, or my first crush. I had all of his posters in my BEdroom, and I told him that I would bounce on the BEd and try to kiss the posters. He was my first real crush and I’ve loved him ever since, heels or not. For him to come in the studio and surprise me 7 to make me his first radio interview ever. See prince doesn’t do radio interviews, and he definitely doesn’t do them in person, and he definitely doesn’t just hang out with somebody for almost an hour & just kick it, no security. He was so nice, so humble, so kind. That has to BE one of my favorites. And Oprah’s interview kind of came as a surprise as well. I was covering a film festival for the movie Precious and I had just finished up with Tyler Perry. I was in the hallway & ran into Oprah’s make up stylist, who I’ve known for quite some time & he knew how much I’ve always wanted to interview Oprah. I just figured he was there doing make up for someone else, but I did think it was odd that Oprah would BE leasing him out. All he said to me was…”You Ready?” and I questioned about what & when he started laughing and said that I had always told him it was my dream to have Oprah, and that she was coming in. I still didn’t BElieve him until she walked in the room with all of her wonderfulness and fabulousness & I was speechless, but I quickly gathered my thoughts and got myself to BE the professional that I am. The first thing she did was hug me & say “girl, I love your shoes…” I don’t need to tell you that I still have those shoes in a case at my house.”

Egypy Sherrod is a get it girl that knows how to command a room and stand up for what she wants. She doesn’t take no for an answer even when it’ given, she’s come to understand that one no opens up a multitude of new yeses that may have BEen otherwise missed. Egypt draws inspiration from fearless people like herself that claim their dreams, love their family, and that put God first.

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