BE Review’d: Chris Brown “F.A.M.E” [In Stores TODAY]

Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. has to BE the most concrete album I’ve heard from a male vocalist in years! From the first track, you buy into this musical genius that is C.B. the “Mechanical Dummy”. His choice in featured artists like Chipmunk, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, The Game, Justin BEiBEr, Big Sean and Whiz Khalifa was brilliant and brought richness to this project as it broadened the demographics he reaches with his music. This dude captivates your ears with his boastful angelic voice over mature and racy lyrics. He solidified his #IconStatus with this album, taking us all over the world with his sound, giving us a part of his travels and growth in music.

What really caught my attention was his passion; Chris brown delivers such a passion in this album that would make anyone want to fall in love, or if you’re that |nasty|<<< kinda person it will definitely lead you to the BEdroom.

On this album Chris Brown really stretches his vocals to the max and delivers a complete, well thought out, and a much needed album of this new decade. “His runs are so sensual, the melodies and harmonies are infectious and addictive to the ears”, said listeners at a Bay Area (California) Preview of the album, and I would have to agree. There was not a track I didn’t like! This album is on my list of “MUST HAVES” for 2011!

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C.Breezy is extra excited about today’s release…as seen in the pic above! This is his redemption album, and the entire world is watching! Head to iTUNES to get your copy TODAY! (I’d cop the DELUXE version if I were you…)



1. “Rock, Paper, Scissor” (ft. Big Sean & Timberland)

2. “BEg For It”

3. “Bomb” (ft. Wiz Khalifa)

4. “All Back”

5. “BEautiful People” (ft. BEnny BEnassi) …(for making House Music HOTT)

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