BE Reviewed: Drake – Take Care by Jerveris Floyd

Artist: Drake
Album: Take Care
Label: YMCMB/Cash Money Records
Release Date: November 15, 2011

Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Album Review by @JusJey
Mr. “Brand New” is back to steal your iPods and surround systems but this time around he’s refined his style. The Grammy-nominated, rap-crooner AubreyDrakeGraham’s sophomore album, “Take Care” hit shelves Tuesday, pushing the categorical limits of Hip-Hop/Rap in which he’s been defined but seems to forever be trying to break free from. With features from notables such as Rihanna, Stevie Wonder and Andre 3000, the eclectic mix of appearances proves to be a brilliant move for the record, heavily adorned by Canadian band, The Weekend. With predictions of first week sales ranging from 600,000 to 700,000, Young Money will definitely end the year well.

A strong 16 songs (plus three bonus tracks) and an interlude by Kendrick Lamar compose the Deluxe 20-piece project that Drake took over six months to create, promising more quality material than what he felt he gave on “Thank Me Later.” Straying from the “supa dupa flow” type lyrics he’s been criticized for creating (only used once on the album in “Over My Dead Body”), Drake concentrates on delivering a solid record with music that seems relatable to almost anyone. Album favorites like “HYFR (ft. Lil Wayne)” “Lord Knows (ft. Rick Ross)” and “Under Ground Kings” display a more familiar head-bopping, club knocking Drake and are nothing short of boastful drums coupled with ethereal instrumentation. However, the true essence of this album is the respect that Drake consciously attributes to artists and music that he grew up listening to. Saluting Texas rap-duo UGK, Drake offers some hard-hitting bars over a few lazily clad and over-stretched beats on songs like “Cameras,” (where producer Noah (40) samples a piece of Jon B from “Calling You”) , “We’ll Be Fine (ft. Birdman)” (on which Aaliyah gains a nod) and Bonus Track, “The Motto.”

While the anticipation from sales records will surely play a role in the overall success of the album, what dictates “Take Care” as a classic is Drake’s ability to conspire different genres of musical theory into a single project that not only flows, but fits. So… “Listen, enjoy it.. buy it if you like it and Take Care until next time.”

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