BE Reviewed: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

While we may have survived ‘doomsday’, are you ready for the ‘cultural baptism?’ If not, you better prepare yourself as music sensation Lady Gaga releases her second full-length studio album Born This Way. Depending on how much of a little monster you are, you can decide if you want to go for the standard edition or the deluxe edition of the album that many music enthusiasts have been long waiting for. On the surface many may feel like the thesis of Born This Way is to promote gay rights; as many have mistakenly quoted the album’s lead single to be.  But real ‘little monsters’ will understand she’s conveying a much superior message of equality including racial, socio-economic, immigration rights, and self-acceptance; along with some fun party hits on this album.


Gaga released five singles off the album prior to the album’s release today. But let’s break down some of the songs off this unparalleled project that you have not heard yet. “Americano” sends a strong message about how the United States treats immigrants. In the song Gaga tells the story of her love for a Spanish speaking immigrant girl and how United States current immigration laws have disenfranchised the two. “Scheiße” is one of the most powerful songs on the album proclaiming female empowerment. While you may be thrown off a bit by the German dialect throughout the song, the theme of the song is to send a message that women are strong creatures and can remain resilient in the world without assistance of men.


“Bad Kids” is a song about self-acceptance and undertones of socio-economic equality. In the song she says phrases like, “I’m a nerd,” “I’m a jerk,” “I’m a twit” only using these negative connotations to send a message that however the world may perceive you, you hold the key to your own success in life; as stated in part of the chorus “Don’t be insecure if your heart is pure You’re still good to me if you’re a bad kid baby.” The song, “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)” is a straight eighties throwback. The song seeks ones quest for love and a visual of the road often taken by many to get there. It discusses how most people seeking love often refuse to settle until they have found their ideal perfection in a love interest. But the song also sends a message that one must love their self before they can love anyone else. Probably one of the favorites off the album because of its explicit metaphors is “Heavy Metal Lover” where in the opening Gaga says “I want your whiskey mouth all over my blond south.” This is definitely not a record to put on while the kids are around! Sometimes you just want get shit face and be a bad ass, and this is the record that will set the tone for pure pandemonium. Other highly favored tracks off the album include “Electric Chapel,” “Bloody Mary,”  “Government Hooker,” and “Marry The Night.” (Should you have the deluxe version, also include “Black Jesus – Amen Fashion” and “The Queen” to this list.)


Many have condemned Gaga for her usage of biblical historic figures in her music such as the video release for the single “Judas.” Some have even went far enough to consider her the anti-Christ, yet if you really pay attention to what she’s presenting, it’s not a message about religious beliefs at all. Instead she’s creatively presented iconic art throughout most of the album to convey her various themes behind each song. Born This Way presents a new Gaga sound that is incomparable to what we’ve experience prior with The Fame and The Fame Monster.  This is the album we get to meet the real Lady Gaga’s sound. Be sure to grab your copy of Born This Way available everywhere now, you will NOT be disappointed you did.


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