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Tiffany Freeland CEO and Founder of Ilene Miriam Pasty Studio based in Harlem, NY is the new “it” pastry chef to enter the world of sweets and treats. Ilene Miriam blends traditional cake flavors and recipes with new, innovative tastes and designs. Not only are their specialty customized treats full of mouth-watering flavors, they look just as deliciously sweet – leaving fans of all walks of life wanting more. Recently Tiffany took time out of her busy schedule to share her story with BE Magazine.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Tiffany was mostly raised by her grandmother Ilene Miriam Warren. Tiffany drew a lot of her inspiration from what her grandmother taught her in the kitchen. Tiffany started baking with her grandmother as a child and a love affair for baking BEgan. They would bake for holiday functions and while “Ma” baked the cakes, it was young Tiffany’s job to ice them. Her grandmother always told her they had to BE done right and Tiffany credits that spirit to her perfectionism with her pastry presentation. All recipes are from scratch and when it comes to the design aspect it comes from her love of art and fashion.

Studying at Morgan State, she realized that her interests had changed, this is when she switched majors and transferred to FIT in New York BEcause her major was now Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design. She also attended a fashion industry high school. Taking what she learned from her grandmother, she BEgan to infuse her fashion background into the decoration of her baked goods. Starting off just for family and friends, her buzz started to get bigger as family took the cupcakes to their friends and the word kept spreading. With the help of social media, she also BEgan to post pictures on facebook and people were able to see her different creations and started putting in their orders. At this point she knew she had something big at her fingertips.

After Graduating college and getting a job in accounts payable, she realized that job wasn’t for her and she got into fashion styling. Tiffany has worked with notables such as Misa Hylton, Mike B, Mariel Haenn and Groovey Lew as an assistant fashion stylist . “It’s a good thing to wake up every morning doing something you love to, where it doesn’t even feel like a job”.

Her main motivation in life is most certainly her 2 year old daughter and maintaining the legacy of her late grandmother, who she most certainly attributes her love of baking to. She had not had any real role models growing up, so she wants to BE a positive role model for someone else.

As Tiffany Looks into the future, she definitely wants the Ilene Miriam brand to BE a household name. She has plans to develop different things with in the brand. She wants to create an app for bakers, a cook book, as well as a cake decorating book.

The word she leaves her followers is, “always BElieve in yourself, BE true to yourself, and don’t let anyone deter you from BEing you. Follow your heart, BE successful, all while remaining humble. Always stand BEhind your product.”



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