#BEscene Just Like Home at Mojo’s Motown Eatery w/ Owner Mario Johnson

MoJo’s Motown Eatery is NOTyour normal eatery. Looking from outside you may think it’s a normal place to go grab food  nestled in Atlanta’s historic West End Area, but it’s NOT. Mojo’s is certainly an experience; From the Countless records lining the wall, to the pictures of Motown past and present that captures your eyes. Aside from that, what caught my attention was the family like feel upon entry. I was pleasantly greetings by the staff who is always upbeat. Next the music, consisting of ALL Motown past and present which is a major part of my life had me snapping my fingers and singing along. Mojo’s has BEcome one of my top favorite eateries and has BEcome so popular in the last few months that people not only come for the amazing food, but they come just to take pictures on the red carpet just to say that were apart of the experience.

This Detroit native, Mario Johnson, Owner of Mojo’s inspired by the rich history that his city had , he decided to bring a little bit to  the south.  The very unique food consists of your traditional but a few of the main items certainly have the “Mojo” to stand out. They include the stuffed 8-10 oz. burger which you can get in BEef or turkey and the BIG chicken potato as well as the honey lemon pepper wing which is by far one of my absolute favorites. The mixture of flavors explode in your mouth with every bite. Don’t forget to try the  special Mojo’s Sauce (I’m still waiting on the secret to that…lol). To wash everything down, you can enjoy a Pepsi, which us Midwest people understand or a big cup if Red Mojo’s Kool-Aid. The seasonings of the food come from love and experience.

Proven by the countless continued customers(such as us) that make it a point to stop by, This is a place that has certainly made it’s mark in our heart and certainly will make a mark in yours once you visit.Please stop by and support this place that is bound to go down in history as the first of it’s kind and don’t forget to take your picture on the red carpet.



Mojo’s Eatery is Located
530 Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW
Atlanta, GA 30310

Follow Mojo’s on twitter and Instagram @MojosEatery




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