BE Scene: OrganiX Food Lounge – Taking the Guilt out of the Pleasure

BEing a little more health conscious can’t really hurt nowadays, so when we come across spots like OrganiX Food Lounge in Atlanta’s popping Midtown District, we had to find a way to find out what all the healthy hype was about.

OrganiX founder Je’ Wesley Day openly invited the BE Team out for a tasting, and we were amazed to see & learn about all of the organic alternatives that OrganiX Food Lounge provides, including just about a full bar or organic alcohol to select from.

OrganiX’s signature dishes include Mini Salmon Croquettes on a bed of greens,
w/ Mango or Tomato Salsa, Chicken Wings w/ Sweet Potato Fries
(Fried, Garlic, Lemon-Pepper, Bar-BQ, Jerk),
among a few other items that’ll have you actually wanting to live a healthier lifestyle after your initial bite.

If you aren’t necessarily looking for a healthy alternative, and/or you  think you’re not into organic foods, OrganiX’s prices are enough to secure the deal and get you in the door. Both meals fore-mentioned are priced at or under $10, giving your wallet an organic sense of freedom.

Let’s get back into OrganiX Food Lounge’s Bar. I found deep appreciation for OrganiX offering Organic alternatives, but not making it mandatory. OrganiX carries a full bar along with suggestive organic classic cocktails like a Margarita, Mojito, Long BEach, & St. Jermaine. Right there, you have your organic tequila, vodka, gin, and rum all squared away…the mixers are also organic, so no worries about mixing an merging.

While sitting in our tasting, we asked founder Je’ Wesley Day what was the motivation BEhind his establishment, and his answer was a simple one “there was a need, and I wanted to fill that void“.

Next time you’re in Atlanta, make sure you get a taste of  OrganiX Food Lounge, and take the guilt out of all of your guilty pleasures. Not only will you BE Entertained by the good people and amazing delectables, you just may run into some live entertainment or your favorite celeb.

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