BE Spotlight: R. Kelly…Still BEing a Threat in the Game


Mr. Robert Sylvester Kelly, BEtter known as R. Kelly, has taken the music world by storm. Still BEing a threat in the game (even after all these years, tears, and circumstances)… he’s never dropped the ball musically. Born & raised in Chicago, R. Kelly produced Aaliyah’s Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, one of her most memorable albums to date. With six #1 albums, eleven #1 singles, and 12 consecutive platinum albums under his BElt, and not to mention his “Trapped In The Closet” web series that I’m sure most of you still watch till this day, R.Kelly still remains at the top, and it’s no BIG secret why. Check out the talent!

As we all know, Mr. Kelly is highly regarded as the “King of R&B”, but let’s take it back to the song that made him who he is with “I Believe I Can Fly”. When this song came out it BEcame everybody’s anthem and it still is. It was even used in the cartoon movie “Space Jam” incorporation with Michael Jordan on the movie BElieving he could actually fly. R. Kelly as collaborated with lots of other R&B artists and rappers such as Usher, Bow Wow, Jay  Z, Twista, Kelly Price, Genuine, Charlie Wilson and also with the Isley Brothers playing the good guy -opposite side of Ronald Isley in a plethora of songs on both his and the Isley’s albums.

With R. Kelly’s new album Love Letter and his explosive first single “When A Woman Loves”, fans were excited to get the album BEcause they were in such a frenzy awaiting the long process of another album from the R&B King. Now that he has gotten it out of the way Mr. Kelly is taking this album on yet another tour around the gloBE with special guests Keyshia Cole and solo newcomer & previous BE Spotlight artist Marsha Ambrosius. Kelly stated that he was very much inspired by some of the music greats such as Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and others while recording Love Letter (which landed him a # 2 spot on billboard) .

Now I ask you this, with all the things that R. Kelly has accomplished from the #1 albums, #1 singles, Grammy awards, collaborations with several others in the music industry…What do you think will BE next on the King of R&B’s agenda? We can almost assure you that giving up doesn’t top the list.

Check out some GREAT Kellz moments…


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