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Since when did American cities appoint royalty!? I’m not exactly sure when this started happening, but that is definitely the story of upcoming street rapper, Yo Gotti, as he carries on the title of “King Of Memphis”. With his catchy hood anthems and high quality sound, Gotti is definitely bringing the life of the street into his music.  Some call him the next Young Jeezy, while others compare him to BEing the next Gucci Mane, but as honorable as it is to BE compared to a highly respected artists such as Jeezy & Gucci, I think we can definitely say that Gotti is putting his stamp on music and has earned the right to be compared to no one but himself. 

Yo Gotti, whose real name is Mario Mims, was born in North Memphis and is definitely not a stranger to the hardships of life. He grew up in the crime infested Ridge Crest housing projects and while only in the third grade, he witnessed his mother and aunts being hauled away to jail to serve a 10 to 15 year sentence. With the absence of his parents, Gotti turned to the streets as his teacher. Neighborhood hustlers begin calling him “Yo” which was just Mario for short.  He added the ‘Gotti’ some time later. His complicated childhood and rough atmosphere is what influenced his interpretation of music.  Yo Gotti’s goal with his music is to tell a story, to allow the listener to see it happening while listening to his lyrics which is something he learned from legendary Memphis rappers, 8ball and MJG.

After performing around Memphis in the late 90s and selling his own underground mix tape “Youngster On The Come Up, Gotti was signed to a local independent label called Select-O-Hits Ent. and finally stepped out on the scene in the year 2000, releasing his independent debut album entitled “From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game” through his own label Inevitable Entertainment. But he didn’t stop there.  In 2001 his released “Self-Explanatory” and in 2003 he released “Life” which sold 40,000 copies independently.  While maintaining a popular buzz in Memphis and surrounding areas, Gotti begin to get noticed more and more with his fourth independent release entitled Back 2 Da Basics” which featured hits like “I Got Dem” featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman and “Gangsta Party” featuring Memphis’ own rap legends 8ball and MJG. With growing success, Gotti began calling his music “Cocaine Musik” meaning once you start his music, you’ll be come addicted to it just like someone who is addicted to cocaine.  After signing to Cash Money Records, Yo Gotti released “5 Star” talking about how men want a high profile female on their side. The buzz kept growing with the realize of the 5-Star remix featuring well acclaimed rappers Gucci Mane, Trina, and Nicki Minaj. This hit would become the leading single to his highly anticipated studio album “Live From The Kitchen”.

It has always been said that sometimes when an artist reaches a certain status in their career, they begin to change their identity as an artist to conform to what record companies see as “Marketable”. But that is not where Yo Gotti’s story takes a turn. This powerful, southern rapper prides himself in being the same man he was when he first started. He believes that when you start your career from the streets its important to maintain that same identity you had for the people who built you up in the beginning. So although, some may whisper and mumble that with his new level success there will also be a change in persona, believe me when I tell you Yo Gotti will continue to bring that same hood, in-depth, emotional, head-rocking, speaker bumping music he’s always delivered.

Yo Gotti is currently finishing up his first studio album entitled “Live From The Kitchen”.  The album is said to drop  this summer but for now fans can still turn up their speakers to his most recent hits “5 Star” and “Women Lie Men Lie”. Gotti has currently been feature on Gucci Mane’s single “Burr”, Birdman’s “Fire Flame Remix”, and has even remixed his song “Look In The Mirror” featuring J. Cole, Wale, and Wiz Khalifa. You can also find his debut single to his forthcoming album available on iTunes “For The Hood” and if you cant get enough of this heavy hitting, King of Memphis, check out his new webisode series that debuted in December 2010. The series will give you an inside look into Yo Gotti’s life, career, and follow his life on the road. Get ready because Yo Gotti is ready to take the world of music head on.

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  1. thas my nigga i got mad love for that nigga im from the short north of columbus ohio and any hood nigga fuck wit him cuzz u know when u was doin the same type of shit u know he aint flexin

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