BE-Style: 5 Minutes with Kev Couture

After having a conversation with celebrity stylist Kev Couture, it was shocking that he is so down to earth. The Grand Rapids-based stylist likes for his clients to BE trendy but at the same time true to themselves.

“Ever since I was little, I knew I was going to do something with clothes,”  Couture says.

BEfore he assists his clients, he usually sits down and has a conversation with them to try to discover their personality and what they like. He encourages them to find their base and he will help the clients build around that.

He BElieves that the most common error that is made is that people do not dress according to their body type. “Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you,” Couture states.

Couture started off in the industry as a buyer. He got his big breakthrough helping with wardrobe styling for the movie The Gun. Couture BElieves that if you do not stay grounded, you will lose sight of who you are. He says that it is always good to follow someone else. This is what he did for 7-8 months BEfore he started up his own business, Kev Couture Fashion, INC., in 2010.

Couture describes his style as “Old Hollywood.” He loves to wear blazers, bowties, loafers and flats. He focuses a lot on high-end fashion.

“Some stylists forget that branding is important,” Couture says. “Find an area that you are good at in styling.”  Kev Couture Fashion, INC also assists clients in personal shopping along with wardrobe styling.

“I get paid to dress people up,” Couture says.

It does not get any BEtter than that!


 Images courtesy of Kev Couture

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