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BE Entertained Magazine Exclusive: BE Entertained Magazine Covers Fashion Night Out Media Blitz Day!

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, it was all about “meeting the press” for this year’s 2014 Fashion Night Out Fashion Designer Competition. BE Entertained Magazine had the esteemed pleasure of meeting and sitting down with 4 out of the 10 designers that will BE competing for the coveted titled “Designer of the Year” for this year’s Fashion Night Out event! How exciting is that!

If that’s not enough, BE Entertained Magazine is also one of the official media sponsors! This year’s event theme is “Fashionable Movies”. What does that mean you ask? Well, each designer was provided a fashionably charged, award-winning movie and was to create a collection based on their assigned movie. BE Entertained is not going to give the surprise away BEcause you must BE in attendance to find out!

The BExclusive Interviews:

Designer/competitor: Jerell Gantt-Owner of Imitation by Jerell will BE competing in this year’s Fashion Night Out event and boy is he bringing the heat! Inspired by everything unconventional, Jerell uses mediums such as glass, plastic, and metal that takes us on a journey from “street to sweet”. Jerell considers himself to BE a 3 Dimensional designer. When asked what that means, Jerell replied, quote “I never limit myself to what other designers use. My design aesthetic is true to form and I utilize my skills to design accessories, shoes, and clothing that step outside of the comfort zone of traditional fashion”.

Jerell considers himself an Avant Garde and Haute Couture designer that allow him to utilize his skill sets in painting, welding, and sculpting. Wow, this guy is indeed a true craftsman. If that isn’t enough, he adds flavor to shoes by adding embellishments for that extra oomph!

When asked about the business of fashion, Jerell feels that it is important to have balance. One must understand the creative and business side of the fashion industry. Lastly, Jerell feels that there is “nothing new under the sun” and he wants BE Magazine to expect the unexpected at this year’s Fashion Night Out event!

Follow this emerging talent on social media @imitationbyj on IG, FB, and Twitter

You can also visit his website: www.imitationbyjerell.com

Designer/ competitor: Marion Boyd-Owner of Upfront Urban Street Style is inspired by everything vintage and looks forward to competing in this year’s Fashion Nigh Out event.  Marion design aesthetic is feminine with a masculine edge. Inspired by Diana Ross, Marion understands the silhouette of a woman and attempts to convey femininity with a masculine touch in most of his designs. Originally from Lawrence, South Carolina and a military retiree, Marion hopes to continue to network with like minded designers with hopes of having his brand sold in major boutiques and upscale department stores across the nation. When asked what inspires him, Marion “I am inspired by my own ideas and concepts. I identify fashion based on my own terms and ideas”. Well then, there you have it! Marion is truly a craftsman and confident in his brand!

Marion looks forward to competing in this seasons Fashion Night Out and wants everyone to know to expect a great show!

Marion can BE reached at upfronturbanstreetstyle@gmail.com

Designer/competitor: Deon Smith-Owner of DUS by Deon is excited to BE joining her fellow colleagues competing in Fashion Night Out 2014. This will BE Deon’s first appearance in Fashion Night Out and is looking forward to present her 60’s inspired collection. Deon is inspired by the MOD era and loves using fabrics that are reminiscent of classic Chanel. Deon considers herself a ready-to-wear designer and likes to design for the modern day woman.  When asked why she chose fashion design as her career choice, she stated “I find it challenging to find clothes that fit her perfectly”. What a way to save cash and design your own looks! Deon loves working with fabrics such as faux fur, faux leather, wools, tweeds, and other classic fabrics that are timeless and easy!

When asked what inspires her as a designer, Deon is inspired by nature, music, and art.

Expect to see classic, chic, and modern pieces on the runway in this year’s Fashion Night Out event!

Oh, Deon will BE launching her online boutique this fall; which is just around the corner! How exciting!

Feel free to reach out and follow Deon @Dusbydeon on Instagram

dusbydeon@gmail.com you can also visit her at dusbydeon.com

Designer/competitor: Tina Stinson-Owner of Decrea Clothing is another first-time competitor for Fashion Night Out 2014! When asked about her design concept, Tina kept it simple; she has a classic design aesthetic with modern day elements. Tina is fan of color and you can see color in most of her designs. With the use of silks, chiffons, fur, and twill, Tina plans on taking the audience on a stroll through history with her “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired collection for Fashion Night Out 2014. In addition to designing women’s clothes, Tina also designs accessories for the modern day fashionista! Tina wants everyone to know that she comes with the full package when it comes to design. Not to mention that fashion design runs in the Stinson family. Both her mother and grandmother were tailors. She believes that “life is too short to not do what you love to do”. Tina is humbled to BE a part of Fashion Night Out and looks forward to the experience.

Stay connected with Tina and follow her @decreaclothing

BE Entertained is honored to partner with Fashion Night Out. We salute Fashion Night Out-Atlanta in providing a platform for emerging brands to showcase their talents.

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