BE Style: Fli Pelican

1. What’s new with Fli Pelican?


Fli Pelican has recently added a female branch to the line. In an attempt to cater to our loyal female followers, we’ve added speciality tee shirts, swimwear, essential hoodies, leggings and a few other custom pieces to the brand. Aside from the female introduction, we are currently working on our first flagship store, here in Georgia. The idea is to bring our product from online to store shelves; allowing customers to get their merchandise faster and encouraging them to try new styles.


2. With Spring in the air, what fashion trends are you urging people to go with so they remain FLI?


I don’t usually encourage following trends; more so an advocate for individuality and personal style. What looks good on one person has the potential to be a complete fail on someone else. So the fashion trend I’m pushing this Spring, is individual Fli-ness. Of course, Fli Pelican brand can help anyone achieve this goal. Currently we are pushing our ┬áPelicano division of Fli Pelican. This a “luxury lifestyle meets old-school rich sh#t” inspired branch of the main line. Get Fli. Get familiar.


3. Your Tee’s have BEen on a numBEr or celebs, who are some of the celebs you’ve styled & who do you look to work with soon?


Fli Pelican has been blessed to get placements with a little bit of everyone, in a little bit of everywhere. Some of the celebrities I’ve worked with includes Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, Young Money Cash Money, Travis Porter, Yo Gotti, and a multitude of others. Moving forward, I’d like to do something with Wiz Kalifa again, Oddfuture, and Pharrell of the Neptunes. I would also like to get a few female celebrities in Fli Pelican, as we are diligently working toward female inclusiveness.


4. Why should it BE mandatory to own at least two Fli Pelican Tees?


All of our products are essentially collectors items. You won’t see the same designs in a few years, as everything changes with the times. So in essence, owning a Fli Pelican tee is like owning a piece of the brand. Become part of a lifestyle.



5. Where can we get our FLI Pelican gear from?


Right now people can get Fli Pelican merchandise from our online store: Like I mentioned before, we are in the process of opening a Flagship store in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA. We are also working toward getting our items in your favorite boutiques as well, so make sure you continually check the site and blog ( for updates. Stay FLI!

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  1. man fuck them their are biters they stole some of my designes i showed nano trying to get on fuck him

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