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Famed fashion illustrator Arturo Elena is a force to reckon with! Obtaining a scholarship to study in Valencia and Toledo, Arturo Elena was particularly inspired by the work of notable and classical masters of art such as Velazquez, el Greco, A. R. Mengs; in addition he was fascinated by the works of fashion illustrators such as René Gruau and Stefano Canulli. He further developed his career in cities such as Seville and Murcia while executing designs for both men’s and women’s collections.

In 1992, he obtained the commission to design the press files for Vitorio & Lucchino for the new perfume and collection, both known as “Carmen”. This commission opened opportunities to work with publications such as “Cosmopolitan” as well as other global publications.

He continues contributing illustrations to “Cosmopolitan” and “Telva” and teaching drawing at the “Instituto Europeo di Design”.

The most noteworthy aspects of Elena’s work are the lengthening of the human form while maintaining perfect harmony of proportions, the carriage of the figures and the movement suggested. The facial expressions manage to convey a multitude of sensations. The faces themselves, the hand movements, the distinct details of the garments give rise to not only a fashionable image but also to a complete universe of gratification for the observer.

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