BE-Style: Janiece Coleman

A person who has a passion for what they love will never give up on their dreams. For Janiece Coleman, the dream is only BEginning, and she is doing just that, not giving up on with what she wants to do!

Coleman  graduated from Kent State University in 2010 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and now is attending Savannah School of Art and Design studying Luxury and Fashion Management.

After finishing her Master’s, Coleman plans to start her career as either a fashion buyer or in visual merchandising.  “My ultimate goal is to work for a fashion show production company,” Coleman says. But her goals do not stop there. In ten years, she sees herself working for a successful company in the industry.

So much accomplished for someone who is still so young! When asked what her biggest accomplishment is, she says that it would have to BE following her  footsteps and to allowing herself to remain motivated, and not letting others try to convince her to change her path in what she is determined to BE.

Coleman admires the work of her favorite designers, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Long term goals are owning a small fashion show production company or fashion stylist company.


Photos Courtesy of Janiece Coleman




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