BE Style: Kickboard Kouture

What’s the skinny on Kickboard Kouture?

Kickboard Kouture is a hyper-exclusive apparel house that offers alternative solutions to current fashion trends.  We are a consistent brand that stays relevant, but we are also very conscious to keep our designs aligned with the desires of our current consumer base.


Kickboard Kouture seems to BE a very diverse line; what unique items play into that diversity?

We are very diverse brand.  Our consumers range in age and ethnicity so it is very important for us to create designs that speak to all walks of life with the same fashionable hunger.


What are the Kickboard Kouture Spring Trends?

KBK Spring 2011 can is best described as retro-bohemian chic”.   The selection of earthy color tees incorporated with retro type font and vibrant color is how we achieved this theme. We wanted to offer products that would compliment the current spring/summer fashion trends but would also speak to the current KBK brand identity.


What advice to do have for people to stay fashionable this Spring?

Keep it light and enhance your look with layers.  KBK tees can be dressed up with a under tee, blazer and jeans OR simplified with a tee khaki crop jean/short and a summer shoe.


How can readers get into the latest Kickboard Kouture Tee’s?

Visit us at to view and purchase current fashion apparel.   We also have a very active social media platform, so consumers can reach out to us via or become a fan of us at #KeepGridin

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