BE-Style: Kings Art

To BE different in such a competitive world is definitely a bonus in order to get the credit that is much deserved. Kings Art is not your typical clothing line, and the ultimate plan is for KA to surpass the urban fashion world and to branch into the world of high fashion names such as Gucci, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton.

“We bring a new generation of style and creativity to the fashion industry,” KA founder Shaunn Lowe said.  The idea came to  Lowe while he was in his second year of college. Lowe said that he remembers BEing tired of paper and pencils, and BEgan using fabric paint. “Fabric paint was my pencils without erasers, meaning if i messed up i made some kind of new creation,” Lowe recalled. He rememBErs causing a buzz in high school with his designs. People BEgan to purchase his shirts and that BEcame similar to a part-time job for him.

Currently, the company is 46 people strong. KA has models, marketing staff,  graphic designers, logistics and an art team. Expectations for 2012 are high, and are already thouroughly planned out even past the summer season. New designs are set to BE released to the public in May/June, and the company is planning to open stores in Chicago and Miami. KA has proved that they are far more than just a clothing line. The company also has music artists and entertainers that mainly capture the interest of the young community. For those who are interested in either purchasing or checking out all that KA has to offer, check out their website: Registration is free and members stay in the know on what’s next for the company.

“The thing that makes us stand out is creativity and not BEing scared to do something new and out the box,” Lowe said. “Our art speaks for itsself and extracting it from canvas paintings to clothing is whats going to put us on the map. That’s what’s going to separate us from other lines and put us on top!”


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