Be-Style: Legends are Forever.


How do you go about BEcoming a legend? Does this consist of helping in your community, standing up for others or something greater? Is there any way possible to gain this status by sitting in your living room? Well, for starters, it all starts with YOU, and the mindset that YOU possess.

Every person on this earth has a story. This is the story BEhind the clothing line Legendary 44.

The apparel line started in 2005 when L44 founder Paul Miller’s good friend Julian Long passed away suddenly. He played on the same football team as Miller, his number was 44. Long passed in 2003 from a staph infection.

Long always left a positive impression on people, and aspired to BE the BEst. This is the story BEhind the line, which was developed for ambitous, hard-working people who do not let the negative opinions of others phase their hustle. 

The line sells clothing for men and women, but is most famous for its shirts in many different colors. The GDY in each shirt stands for “Go Do You,” with motivates people to follow their dreams and BE the BEst.

“My ultimate drive that has me going is the fact that I will accomplish something for myself that no woman or man thought could be possible,” Miller said. “BEcause God brought me through it.”

For this year, L44 has a lot of plans. Miller is a very hard-working, positive man, and he has an excellent team BEhind him. He cannot share too many of these plans, but he wants us to enjoy the ride, BEcause it is definitely going to be one that is worthwhile.

“What keeps me motivated is the fact that I have a mouth to feed for one, and two, I want to create fun and innovating jobs for the people who want it,” Miller said. “Im not lazy so the people shouldn’t BE either.”

For anyone who is interested in checking the line out, here is the website: http://www.l44apparel.com/

“The message I would like to spread to the world especially for one wearing this clothing line is changing your mentality in BEcoming something BEtter than great, ambitious, and a GO-Getter mind-set and never settle for less,” Miller concluded. “Focus on gettin ya paper and stop worrying about them Haters! (GDY) GO DO YOU!!!”

Images used courtesy of www.l44apparel.com

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