BE-Style: Meet Dem’ikist Dantzler

“My style came about when I got into high school,” Dem’ikist Dantzler rememBErs fondly. “I started doing simple things like dressing with bowties and vests. I like to bring an edge to make things pop.”

Dantzler does an excellent job at grabbing other’s attention with what he wears and how confidently he carries himself. The aspiring model and Chicago native descriBEs his style as “casual with a little bit of punk rock.”

He looks up to designers such as Ed Hardy or Giorgio Armani for his style inspiration, as well as for his daily attire that he totes to work, to class and BEyond.

“I shop at H&M, BurBErry, Armani Exchange and Nordstrom,” He says. After adapting his own twist to everything, he got introduced to the fashion world in a whole new way.

“My style defines me,” Dantzler says. “If you do not add your own twists to things you will lose yourself in the fashion world, and BEcome just a regular person.”


Images courtesy of Dem’ikist Dantzler

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