BE-Style: Men’s Scarves and a Trendy Hat for this Season

Scarves and hats are not only used to keep us as human BEings warm, they are also a fashion staple. Scarves are popular for men just like they are popular for women.

Many of our favorite top designers have scarves as part of their line, such as Missoni, Christian Dior , BurBErry and Yves Saint Laurent. They commonly come in textures such as cashmere and wool. John W. Nordstrom also has a line of scarves for men, with patterns as diverse as check, stripe and plain.

For the budgeting shopper, you will BE able to find scarves for a cheaper price at Target or Old Navy. On clearance, prices can go as low as below $10.

For the person who is a “large spender”, feel free to stop in Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue.

For the online shopper, there is always the ability to shop online at one of the above stores, or Amazon.

While you are on your quest for your hubby, boyfriend, brother or father, don’t forget to check out a fedora hat for him. This slick, classy looking hat can BE located in many department stores, such as JC Penney for $20. The sky is the limit for color choices also, but mainly this chic hat is seen in black, grey or brown.


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