BE-Style: Metallics 2012

From different colors BEyond silver and gold, metallics are definitely a trend to keep on your fashion radar update for Spring 2012. This trend goes past the festive popular gold NYE dress; there are handbags both large and small, skirts, shorts and even shoes to BE on the lookout for…and don’t forget the make-up! Metallic eye shadow is hot for this season also.

Some shoes are metallic all over; while others have metallic toes. Metallic toes are very popular for Spring/Summer 2012. Silver and gold are to BE the most popular shades in regards to footwear.

But one will BE able to find your metallic fashion finds in colors such as red, purple, and black! If you feel like metallic jeans or dresses are too bold for your style, purchase a shiny handbag or even a shiny BElt. You can rock this look with accessories, even with watches.

Michael Kors has a new line of watches that are all shiny and come in different colors, as well as other accessories, such as the gold Palm Beach Espadrille shoe.


Nail polish is another way to follow the trend, and we all know how creative us fashionistas can all get with our nail designs.

It does not hurt to figure out what your “metallic niche” is, and as always, it is nothing wrong with figuring out what works BEst for you and what you feel more comfortable wearing, and who you want the world to see you as.


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