BE-Style: Ms. Huff on the Come-up

Kalyn Huff from Youngstown, Ohio, who is studying fashion merchandising at Kent State University, BElieves that she has a lot to offer the fabulous world of fashion.

She is active in several fashion organizations at KSU, and completed an internship last semester at Self Magazine in New York City. She plans to pursue a career as a wardrobe stylist after graduation.

Huff worked in the fashion closet as her assignment for the internship, along with multiple other duties.

“I got to assist the stylist on photo shoots by checking in and returning samples accurately,” Huff said. “I also got an opportunity to lay out accessories and set up garment racks for stories and go to showrooms to traffic samples!”

Huff said that her fondest memory was seeing the new merchandise.

Upon BEing asked about her personal style, Huff said that you don’t have to follow every trend that comes out, but it is important to know what’s in and what’s out for the season.

To end this article is a bit of advice for inquiring minds. Huff BElieves that “finding the equilibrium BEtween your own style and fashion trends is a great way to let the world know who you are and what you BElieve in, that you are a STYLISH INDIVIDUAL.”


Photos courtesy of Kalyn Huff






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