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Elicia Carter has always had an interest in fashion ever since she could rememBEr. A lot of her inspiration came from her mother, grandmother and her aunt, who is a fashion designer. The young college student is studying art history and fashion merchandising, and has quite the resume!  This is her story, meant to inspire and to show you that anything is possible when you add God and determination.

Carter was always into art, but was interested in another field at first. “I always wanted to BE a vetenarian until my senior year of high school when I took an interior design class,” she said. “I have done so well with drawing blueprints in that class that I wanted to pursue that as a career.”

Once she went off to college she BEgan to BEcome active modeling in fashion shows.  Although she was very nervous, she had the support of good friends who encouraged her to continue pursuing modeling.

Once Carter BEcame the vice president to a fashion organization where they had a fashion show in 2011, she then realized that she has a spot in the fashion world. “I love to gain more knowledge and I am a hands on person BEcause everything to me have to BE visual,” she said. Her success does not stop here.

Her good friend Sheila Denanyoh asked for Carter to BE her assistant for her business, Ill-La-La Designs.  Carter accepted the request. Ill-La-La Designs is an ethical and culturally inspired fashion clothing line created by Denanyoh, who has BEen to different states to conduct fashion shows for her designs. In a couple of weeks they are doing a fashion show in Kentucky and at Case Western Reserve University. They will also BE at Africa Fashion Week in New York July 12-18th.  To remain in touch with Ill-La-La Designs, here is the website: http://www.illlaladesigns.com/

Things are not slowing down for Ms. Carter. She has traveled to different countries, Italy, Britain, France and most recently, China.  The summer 2013 she is going to study abroad again at Paris Academy for fashion merchandising. She has many people to thank including her mother, her boyfriend, her best friends, Sheila Denanyoh, professor Dr. Garrison and the most important: God.

“BEing a kid growing up in the inner city of Cleveland to a single parent household, I worked hard to get where I am now and I am still working hard now with God on my side,” Carter said. “God gave me a gift to share to the world and I am going to continue to walk in my purpose in His will!”

Image credit: Elicia Carter

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