BE-Style:Enter the Realm of thee Fashionn Junkiee

Fashionn Junkiee’s creations are definitely some to keep on your style radar. The designer even owns her own store named Studio Fashionn Junkiee in the Detroit area, and her inventory appears to BE endless! But where does this brilliant talent come from?

“My mom is a designer, she taught me everything I know,” Junkiee said. “You can say I took after her! She loves it, and so do I!” Not only is her mother her teacher, she is also her inspiration in style. Junkiee’s favorite designer is BEtsey Johnson.

The popular television show Project Runway is another source of motivation for her. Watching the show gives her the urge to sew! “It gives me a boost of energy; I love seeing what they create on the show it makes me want to do it too!”

In the next few years, Junkiee sees herself as a personal designer for celebrites with more Studio Fashionn Junkiee locations. If you want to stay up-to-date with this designer, feel free to like her Facebook page:



Image credit: Fashionn Junkiee

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