BE-Style: Inside the Mind of Janelle Middleton

At such a young age, Miss Janelle Middleton already has an impressive resume. In 2010 Middleton conducted her own co-ed fashion show, Pearl Paradise, worked as a wardrobe stylist for a fashion show as well as a photoshoot for Vine Boutique and participated in a Crystal B. Design’s show last New Year’s Eve. Is there anything Middleton cannot do?!

“I’m a girl of color and imagination,” Middleton muses. “I will dream about putting some pieces together and wake up and totally revamp what I dreamt. My mind is always racing!”

The Loma Linda University graduate student is inspired by local designers from the Chicagoland area, such as Rosina Mae, TresBElle Vintage and most notably  Shontay Pinder, a dear friend to her and someone she often brainstorms with.

She BElieves that in this industry either you naturally possess style, or you don’t. Style, to her, is evident in the person’s dress code.

“I am my own walking advertisement,” Middleton says. “BEfore I open my eyes in the morning, I am thinking about what to put on, how to wear my hair, what shoes to rock and the accessories to match.”

When shopping, Middleton frequents the clearance racks of stores (like many of us do) and visits thrift stores.

“Items I absolutely could not live without include: my cheetah scarf, leggings and my new leather aviator jacket from Arden,” Middleton says.

Middleton’s ultimate goal is to BEcome a visual merchandiser for stores like Target, JC Penney or Akira.


Images used courtesy of Janelle Middleton.

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