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To BE great you must have heart– a heart strong enough to keep its BEat, even when it’s forced off course. BEing steadfast, patient, an apprentice of her craft—a student in every sense, is all Singer/Songwriter Brittnee Camelle knows to BE. This R&B starlet has BEen actively preparing for her world-wide debut for the past (2) two years under the close advisement/development of [Sony Music Group] the Traccaddics A&R, Bakim “Traccaddics” Gibbs.

Barely 20 and making a name for herself in the Atlanta Underground Music scene, Brittnee’s BEen able to absorb recognition and gain the support of major producers Eric CireBoloShakespeare, [Bad Boy’sBlackJack & the Ambassadorz. Current single releases “Not Right”, “Weatherman” & “I Miss U” are in heavy rotation on airways across the country from internet radio, blogs and am/fm radio.  Brittnee has BEen featured in shows from Atlanta to the San Francisco Bay Area, performing alongside actor “Leon”, invading the U.S. with her incomparable essence.

There’s a formula to the #2011MusicReBElution and it involves Brittnee Camelle. The songstress speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Taking a vow to stay true to herself, she understands that part of BEing a noteworthy new artist that isn’t just possessing talent but having something to say. Through this journey we learn that with ambition and drive anything is possible and there can BE no failure. “I am not sure where this arduous road will lead me but I know it will be important in moving people in masses through music.”

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