BE Up Next: DC Durante’ – The New Teen Sensation

Tell the BE Magazine readers who you are & what you do?
I am the new “Teen Sensation”, basically I am a 17 year old rapper from Decatur, Ga.
You run with a clique of the next artists to blow; tell us about FYB & how you came to roll with them.
F.Y.B stands for “Fresh Young Boys”. The starting 5 people of the group is Jacquees, Issa, C-Trillionare, Tevin and I. We all have been friends since middle school, but in late 2010 is when we all begin rocking with each other and decided that we should be a organization not a clique called FYB. Its more than just us 5 that’s in FYB like, Jacob Latimore, Justin Martin, Don Juan, Boakie Blasted, Dj Key, and people from Issa’s label, Wolf Pack.
You’re currently pushing a new single “She A Rocket”, how do you want listeners to feel after hearing the record?
“She A Rocket” is just a song for people who has friends that’s always telling them what to do in a relationship, but also in the song from my perspective i’m showing that i have my own mind and i have control over what goes on in my life. So i just want listeners to understand that i just don’t make music, I make music with a message within it.
What are a few of your musical goals for 2012?
-Always put God first
-Stay consistent with hits
 -Always make music that people can relate to
 -Continue showing my fans love
-And Keep thinking outside of the box
How can the fans learn more about what you do & connect with you?
I’m always on Twitter so follow me @iamDurante or get updates about me and FYB from FreshYoungBoysInc.com

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  • I <3 dhis song

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