BE up Next: Elite Noel

Bursting onto the scene as the long lost Daughter of Frankie Lons and Sister of Keyshia Cole, we hardly got the chance to see Elite Noel as she really was, even with her serving as co-star of the hit BEt Shows Keyshia Cole’s “The Way It Is” and the “Neffe and Frankie Show“. Now she’s giving you the chance to know exactly who she is….The Mother, the Daughter, The Sister,The Artist.. she is Elite Noel.

Growing up in church, Elite always had a passion for singing, but never pursued it on a major level. She helped to develop other local artists in the California area, BEfore making her big move to ATL. After finding her long lost family and having the chance to create that bond she had BEen missing, she BEgan to BEcome who she felt she was meant to BE. She eventually took a job assisting her sister with her career. While touring alongside her sister KC she discovered her overall passion for the music that she listened to and what it took to make it. Through this, she BEgan to write and harmonize her own lyrics.

Despite the negative things that people say, and learning to love what she does, Elite continues to press forward and will show the world what she is made of. She started her own laBEl and you can BE on the Look out for fresh sounds from her “Futuristic Soul”LaBEl .”Tick Tock”, which will BE the first single from her upcoming mixtape & is sure to BE a big hit. She recently had her first performance in Atlanta, which she absolutely conquered.

Coming into here own, and allowing us to see her in an individual light, Noel recently release a single on iTunes Called “Family Again” which gives a little insight on how close family really is to her. She is also currently working on the pilot for her own reality show. Along with an additional reality show with her family Keyshia Cole, Neffe and her mother Frankie.

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