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Money Jay has BEen on a serious grind ever since his stroke of luck meeting with Akon, the head of Konvict Muzik. His single “Death Row” is an ode to an era of music that many fans loved and miss. With the birthday of the late Tupac Shakur (6/17) coming up this week, we thought it’s BE appropriate to introduce our readers to Money Jay.

BE Magazine: You’ve BEen extra heavy in the streets, and you currently have a single that’s getting lots of respect; tell us about that.

Money Jay: My current single is called “Death Row” and it’s out now and available on iTunes, so everybody go and get it. I came up with the title BEcause a lot of my partners was getting locked up, my little brother was getting locked up, he’s still in jail (Free Wesley), and I was watching that old Tupac video “Hit Em Up” when he was performing at the House of Blues, and I was listening to some Dre riding in my car [smoking a bl*nt]; I just put the whole concept together and it meshed very well. That’s how the concept came about; plus I felt like I was signed to them back in ’94, back in their prime.

BE Magazine: You got Sonny Digital (who also did YC’s “Racks”) on that BEat, how’d you hook up with Sonny?

Money Jay: I actually didn’t hook up with Sonny himself, I hooked up with my homeboy Bo, over at 24/7 studios, and he introduced me to Sonny. He did the track and put the whole production together. Then Akon jumped in there & that’s how we met up with Sonny.

BE Magazine: Was it by stroke of luck that you met Akon? How did that come about?

Money Jay: Yeah it was luck, but it was really a blessing. I used to BE at that checkers off Glenwood & Columbia hustling and giving away free mixtapes. Akon came thru there, and my 2 homegirls gave him a CD. He got down the street, and came right back & asked was that me on the mixtape. I told him yeah, and he signed me 8 months later.

BE Magazine: How’s it BEen working with Akon & Konvict?

Money Jay: With a major laBEl powerhouse…Akon is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. He’s the man overseas, he’s the man in the US. So it’s just a blessing to me, you know what I’m saying.

BE Magazine: Who are some of the artists you look forward to working with?

Money Jay: In the near future, I want to get a song in with Snoop. I want to do a song with Jadakiss. Those are really the two targets that I want to get a song in with right now.

BE Magazine: Your song “Death Row” is real club heavy, but it also has a message; tell us about the type of music you plan to offer fans.

Money Jay: Street music, really music people can relate to BEcause all I rap about is what I go through daily. I just explain myself more musical on how I think and how I act. I call it reality music BEcause it’s all real, nothing fake.

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