BE Up Next: Kebo Gotti & Frenchie

Kebo Gotti

Kebo Gotti is most definitely a lookout artist for 2011. Well BEfore Mizay Ent. BEcame the prominent name that it is today Kebo was already down with the laBEl. He’s BEst known for his mixtape “Anybody Can Get It” which features Waka Flocka and tells BE Mag, “This year is the year you will see me everywhere…”. With his raw style, raw lyrics, and refined approach to each song, we certainly don’t doubt it. Kebo Gotti has BEen coined “Mr. No Pen, No Pad” BEcause when he gets in the booth it takes him no time to get on any BEat and track, no matter what the sound is, if he likes it “IT’S OVER”.


Frenchie may hail from up top, but he’s conquered the down south swag. This crunk rapper can BE seen next to fellow 1017 Brick Squad members Waka, Gucci, OJ, & the rest of the crew. Frenchie is known for his harsh strong delivery and letting you know he’s F-R-E-N-C-H-I-E on tracks Gucci Mane & Travis Porter. Along with dropping wicked rhymes, his stage game is also next level. From jumping in the crowd to sending his dreds into overdrive by head banging rock & roll style, this is definitely an artist that might just BE your favorite trappers favorite rapper.

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