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Music is the shorthand of emotion. ~Tolstoy

Every time I am asked to conduct an music interview, I am more than happy to do so simply BEcause music has played a triumphant role in my life, and I jump at the opportunity to hear and write about how music has shaped one’s life. I was privileged to interview upcoming R&B artist, Antonio Ramsey. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation:

1. Who is Antonio Ramsey? Can you formally introduce us to him?

I’m just a cool, laid back dude who is ready for his music to BE heard. From Florida straight to the A, I embody ambition, drive and determination. I’m the one & only Antonio Ramsey. Lol!

2. What can we expect to hear from your music? What do you aspire to bring toward the airwaves?

Of course you can expect a club banger or two, but my music is the type of music that feels good. I have that classic R&B style that can easily change hearts and invoke passion. My music is a voice for men and allows women to see men in a vulnerable state. I aspire to bring the old R&B back with a new voice and new sound.

3. Who are your musical influences?  Some of my musical influences are Tank, Tyrese, John Legend, H-Town, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, & Marvin Gaye thanks to my dad lol. I definitely admire Jasmine Sullivan.

4. I thoroughly enjoy your strong, full, and rich vocals off your single, “Nobody.” What experiences have you had that shaped the single into what it is?

When I was much younger, one of my homies was dating this girl that was extremely attractive and cool. She reached out to me, on Facebook of course (Lol) and asked to hang out just on a friend, homeboy/homegirl level. Of course I went along with it, but ended up catching feelings for her. Now that I’m older I know that was definitely not a good look, but you live and learn and grow from those things. I’m sure many can relate.

5. If you could collaborate with any artist (new or established) who would it BE and why?

If I could collaborate with any artist it definitely would be Tank. I say Tank BEcause he is one of the few in the industry still doing REAL R&B. The messages in his music are similar to things that I myself would love to talk about. I would also love to work with Jhene Aiko. Her music is so different from the norm and I just feel she would help me connect with a different side of musically being.

6. I found myself hypnotized by the entrancing BEat of “Nobody.” Who did you collaborate with regarding production, and how was the studio experience for you?  

The producer of the record “Nobody” is a talented dude by the name of Arlon Johnson. He is CRAZY when it comes to production and writing. We have BEen good friends for years and when he heard I was putting together my debut EP “The Reconstruction of a Man” it was a no brainer that we work together. We met at Cool & Dre’s studio where he does a lot of work and from the time I heard the “Nobody” BEat it was a wrap! The BEst part about “Nobody” was actually the recording process BEcause I just had a lot of fun with it and it came out dope Arlon is a phenomenal person to work with and we always have a blast in the studio.

7. How has your hometown shaped your music experience?

My hometown, West Palm Beach, FL, taught me to always speak my mind and how to BE tough. You can hear these themes throughout my music.

8. What artists or what type of music could I expect on your personal playlists or iPod?

You can definitely hear a mix of music from Rihanna to Brandy, Jeezy to Rascal Flats and even a little Taylor Swift. lol

9. What future projects do you have in store?

I’m currently working on my Debut EP “Reconstruction of a Man” due next year. I have performances coming up as well. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Think. Exist. BE: C. Starr

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