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“Radamez” was born by the name Ramel Joseph Williams and since birth has BEen destined for greatness. Bred in Corona Queens, New York, Ramel only knew one thing, “use your voice as an instrument”. From New York to Kansas, from Kansas to Indianapolis his life BEgan to read like a book, all excerpts true to form, no exaggeration or false pretenses. Without hesitation Ramel BEgan his transformation into “Radamez”, the advisor, after rhyming around his hood and moving his peers to a more in-depth thought analysis through his lyrical content. He lives his lyrics, his music chronicles his life from New York, Kansas, and his current home in Indianapolis where his musical career has BEgan to #Levitate.


Radamez has built a large following throughout the East Coast and is known for giving strong–worthwhile performances and sharing the stage with the Roc Nation newcomer J.Cole.  He delivers an eclectic sound that encompasses all that is Hip-Hop, without the overpowering cliché lyrics and situations, facilitating an experience by giving you what you need rhythmically and spewing lyrics that provoke thought above pleasure. “Who you know whole album come with a different sound and cater to a different crowd”? The answer is simple… RADAMEZ!


With “Experience the Experiment: Valium One”, Radamez invites you into his lab and engages you in his versatility in subject matter and lyrical flare, demonstrating his expression of self. When asked what comes first, theme, BEat, or the rhyme, Radamez quickly replied “it’s the feeling that drives the BEat choice. I choose the theme and then the BEat BEcause I want the song to BE driven by my lyrical content and not a sound that’s ‘in’ ”. This piece of work is already BEaring comparisons to that of Common’s “Electric Circus” and Mos Def’s “The New Danger”.

Here are some LINKS to connect with Radamez:!/radamez

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