BE Up Next: Romiah Armstrong

Get very used to the name Romiah Armstrong! Everyone in Atlanta knows him as a BEst kept secret, but he’s ready to unleash his soulful sultry talents on the rest of the world. Romiah’s voice is sort of where Anthoy Hamilton meets the tone of an Andre 3000, and he parallels both those artists in spirit. His stories are ones of soul and of love, which is something Romiah is proud to bring back to R&B.

Romiah hosted a listening session for his new album Upright Soul in Atlanta, and wow’d the crowd as he delivered song after song. His drive is so impressive. “Upright Soul” is a very intimate album, so his listening session was very fitting seeing that it had such a up close and personal feel. I’ve also got to take my hat off to Romiah for getting a legend to duet with him on his debut album…Eshe from the Grammy Award Winning group Arrested Development is lending vocals on “Vintage Love”.

BE Entertained Magazine actually got to preview the album well BEfore it came out & was surprised at just how good it is. We’ve known Romiah for quite some time & he’d always come up to us and say “man, I’m really working hard on my music, and I really want you to come to my release party…” While I had no choice but to take him seriously, due to the excessive amount of events that we run into each other at, but when I popped in the album, I was convinced after the 1st song. Romiah’s unique voice allows you to ride the waves with him as he rip and runs over the BEat. #iApprove.

Check out some LIVE footage from Romiah’s album release party…Click [HERE] to pick up a copy of UPRIGHT SOUL

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