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His FB ‘about’ says he’s a young ambitious DJ.  Even his favorite quote, “Grow up and get a life,” has ambitious connotations that extend beyond the music he DJs and into his personal life.  A ‘student by day and DJ by night’ DJ Travon Banks currently attends the Academy of Art University and is majoring in Web Design and New Media.  True to his ambitious intentions he keeps his interests diverse and relevant.  Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana the DJ’s past is checkered with a multitude of experiences ranging from early music exposure on his dad’s part, to sports, and well…more music.  Not just the music on the radio either or that which is produced by others.  DJ Banks grew up playing the alto saxophone, steel pans, and the snare drum.  Adding to his already diverse list of talents Banks’ love for music has shaped his career and existence as an upwardly mobile young man doing more with his life than the average bear.  Having worked with stars such as Nicki Minaj and Biz Markiee, Banks is showing the world how exactly to BE young and ambitious.

Who is TraVon “DJ” Banks?
TraVon “DJ” Banks is a young talented individual that is very determined in his crafts. I must say I’m quite gifted.

What prompted you to want to get into entertainment?
It has been something I have been wanting to do since I was very young. Like I have a very outgoing always talking to some stranger personality. I am also extremely gifted and making people laugh dance and just over all have a great time. So you ask what prompted me to do it, I must say I feel as this is what I was put on this earth to do and I found my nitch.
What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your career?
I personally say my biggest accomplishments i than had so far was to Officially joint Next Cut Ent one of the most prestigous DJ’n crews out, started the the Famous DJ Cool Cut Creator (LL DJ).

When it comes to DJing, what elements to you add to the game that differ from other DJs?
When it comes to DJ’n and what sets me apart from several different DJs out there in the world is, one I’m only 19years old and have had the honor to be featured with some of the greatest entertainers and DJs in the world, 2 I am a self Taught DJ that taught my self the old Skool style with two 1200 technics and records, so I bring this Old school style with the new school flavor and last but not least, is my close friends and crew they have kept me going and just supported soo much.

What are 3 goals you’ve set for the rest of 2012?
First goal is to take my 2 new artists that I just started producing. The female by the name of RellyJade who’s from both Pittsburgh and the DMV (at the Same Damn Time) lol and our Dude 2AM V aka V Wilikers mixtapes rolling and get them out there and heard cause they just have talents and bars that the game hasn’t seen in awhile.

Continue to establish D.E.R. (Determined Everyday & Ready) Productions which is the label that me and my Bestfriend Dauris aka DeeMoney Beats have started. Which once again I am honored to work with him cause his Producing credit list is just outrageous right now.

And last but not least continue to stay true to my supporters nd never forget where I came from and just taking all this one day at a time, nd continue to work my way up the food chain. So DJs, Labels MCs watch out cause some young determined and creative minds are coming.
What are you looking forward to having on your resume in the coming years?
I am looking forward to having an established production company that doesn’t just do music but films as well. Cause as I stated I’m an entertainer and before the music and dj’n even came into my life acting has always been my true passion. So putting down that I was a successful DJ/Producer as well as an Actor well be lovely lol.
How does it feel to BE a BE Magazine Twitter Contest Winner & to know you have so many fans out there that are rooting for you?
I’m extremely honored like I have always been a fan of BE Magazine, like I remember like last sumer I was extremely upset I couldn’t make it to Tiffany Evans’ (My future wife lol) release party nd to now have a feature just blows Me. As for my fans honestly I didn’t realize I had so many and I will say TraVon Banks, DJ Banks, T. Banks whatever that want to call me wont be who he is today with out there support and belief in me.
How can new fans get to know more about TraVon “DJ” Banks?
Follow me on Twitter @TraVonBanks like I do reply and follow back also on Facebook, just type my name in and the pages will come up. Last but not least this summer be sure yo be on the look out of my mixtapes I’m dropping “Sounds of the Summer, Old Skool vs New Skool” “Summer Jam R&B Edition” as well as RellyJade Debut Mixtape and her first as an “D.E.R.” Artist.

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