[BE VIDEO] Keri Hilson ‘A Day In the Life’ (Episode 1)

Keri Hilson is prepping for the release of ‘No Boys Allowed‘ with a BANG!!! Not only is she making her rounds on promotional tours, she’s dropping a video every day on Twitter until her album drop on DecemBEr 21st, and completing ‘A Day In the Life‘ Webisodes leading up to the release.

Check out Keri’s first episode of ‘A Day In the Life‘…I think she’s really ready this time!!! I’m feeling it! Make sure you’re following @MissKeriBaby on Twitter to see her daily twitvids.

Since we can’t get enough Miss Keri Baby…here’s some BEhind-the-Scenes footage from her “Pretty Girl Rock” Video (courtesy of 135th Street Agency).

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