#BE5 Anniversary VIP Brunch

Our #BE5 Anniversary was honestly one for the record books. Along with kicking the weekend off with Tiffany Foxx & Vina Mills, the BE Team also hosted a private VIP Brunch at Tees & Quotes on Saturday just to say thank you to our loyal supporters.

Celebrity Chef Kymmis provided the amazing menu, which consisted of Shrimp & Grits (turkey sausage was also available), fruit parfaits, specialty omelets, & a tasty Voscato punch.

Guests were served by our Editor-In-Chief Jason “J.Write” Dinsmore, while the rest of the BE Team made sure each guest was personally taken care of & catered too.

Special guests included the families of the BE Team, Taj from SWV, & a host of BE Magazine’s advertiser & supporters.

Special thanks to Chef Kymmis, Freddyo & the entire staff of Tees & Quotes for BEing such gracious hosts.


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[Photo Credit: Darius Marshall for Voncel’s Reflections]

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