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Having friends like Elicia “Stormy” Monroe isn’t just necessary, it absolutely ROCKS! Stormy is BEautiful, well rounded, well connected, and has the distinct ambition of a mogul on the rise. Her talents and endeavors include event promotions, community activism, the finance industry, and even women’s football.

stormy2Stormy was raised in rough patches of New Orleans’ inner city, but was originally born in Trinidad & Tobago, although she credits Nola as her true home. She made her way to Atlanta via 2005’s tragic Hurricane Katrina. “Katrina was definitely a struggle, but a blessing in disguise as well. I always wanted to move to Atlanta, but I never had the courage to take that big leap of faith and just pack up everything and move to Atlanta. Hurricane Katrina was probably one of the most devastating points in the southeast, or even the U.S., but it was also one of my shining star and defining moments BEcause it allowed me to come to this great city.”

Stormy ventured to Atlanta with only two bags of clothing, after her home suffered severe damage from BEing hit by a tornado, but didn’t let that keep her from focusing on making something positive come out of her negative situation, which sounds much more simple than it really was. Stormy is no stranger to utilizing her resources and leaning on friends and family. She knows the true value of her network, which is something that she holds near and dear to her heart. “I try to remain humble in everything I do, and in everything I do, I try to make sure that I’m leaving a positive impact on all that I come across; and I take that with me from a business perspective all the way to the personal and party side.”


What does Stormy Monroe have going on business wise?

I have my own company called Architects Entertainment Group, which is a consulting firm that helps mold new talent and foster deals for them and their growth in the industry. I’ve always BEen interested in entertainment, and when I moved to Alanta, I almost let it slip by the wayside dealing with my corporate job; but I’ve always had that passion in knowing entertainment was my calling. I know that I do business very well, but the entertainment industry is where I’ve always felt the most at home at, so I made a point to make it my business & to learn all sides of it.

On the party promotion side, what do you do?

A little while ago, I started doing some strategy and promotions for some restaurants and ultralounges here locally in Atlanta. I’ve engulfed myself in learning something new. I’ve worked with the Buckhead Bottle Bar, STK, and now Negrill Village, and I’m soon to BE working with Taboo too. I go in not just as a promoter, but I like to look at business strategies and plan on how I can help them retain their clients.

With all that you have going on, I understand that you are also a memBEr of a  professional women’s football team?

Oh my gosh, yes, outside of all that I have going on business wise, I also play on a women’s professional football team. I play for the Legends Football League for the Atlanta Steam. Recently, I had a huge accomplishment with the Steam, which this is our 2nd year…although the league has BEen around for over 10 years. The league extends BEyond just the US, there are teams in Europe, Australia, and soon to expand into Ireland and Italy. The league is growing in popularity in the US, and especially in Atlanta. The Atlanta Steam recently won the Eastern Conference Championship, so we BEat out all of the Eastern teams, and we are now numBEr one and known as the BEast of the East. I love the physicality of it; this is full tackle football. This is full knock your head off football, but we do it while still looking BEautiful.


Stormy’s endeavors also include reality TV, which she’s a little more tight lipped about, but BE Magazine will definitely keep you updated on all this amazing talent has coming up in the near future.

Follow Stormy on IG: @StormyATL

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