BEast of the Week: Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood has just about done it all, from singing to acting, she’s truly a master of any craft that she’s passionate about pursuing. Yesterday, “Little Brandy” took to instagram to showcase her pipe game in a couple impromptu videos where she is BElting it out oh so BEautifully…which is why she’s our #BEastOfTheWeek!

Brandy has BEen coined as the “vocal bible” by her fans and her latest gift to the world of social media proves that there’s certainly some truth in that accolade.

I can’t wait to get some new music from the “put it down” artist who always has us waiting in the wings of anticipation.

Follow Brandy on IG to see her vocally going ham in her Videos @4EverBrandy

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[Photo Source: Instagram]

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