BEast or Bust: “Paparazzi” T-Fane ft Swava

BE Magazine love supporting up and coming artists like female rapper T-Fane. Check out her new video “Paprazzi” and let us know whether you think she has a BEast on her hands…or is it a bust?

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“The song|video Paparazzi  is expressing to the world everything I want and will accomplish in life. I have a stream of pictures of me from the beginning of the song until Swava’s (the feature) verse comes in, then there are pictures of him so the viewers will become familiar with us as artists. At an early part of my verse, there is a picture of my mom and me, I explain how I look to her for encouragement when I feel like giving up. At the end of the video, I dedicated it to my late grandfather, Ernest Dennard Sr. who is the artist of the drawings in the video, beacause he use to tell me I had big dreams and he knew that I would strive towards to accomplish. I want the world to know I am here and anything is possible…Paparazzi.”  ~T-FANE (Tekeira MeFane)

17 Replies to “BEast or Bust: “Paparazzi” T-Fane ft Swava”

  1. Is actually like this track. The hook is jamming and the beat is HOT..a lil polish and we got an exclusive BEMAG. HIT…

  2. The vocals and lyrics are cool. The production is a little busy and overpowering her vocals. I would love to hear the song less busy (production wise) and the vocals turned up and production turned down. Nonetheless, I wish the artist goodluck…

  3. I wouldnt say its a BEast but it is definently not a BUST. Her flow is well but I think she would need more work for it to be on the local radio stations.

      1. Thanks. What is it that has you stuck? Is it the production? But you’re feeling the lyrics, her flow? We really appreciate your honest opinions.

  4. I like her lyrics and flow so BEast for that but the production definitely lacks something . But good luck to this young lady.

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