BEast or Bust??? Ruben Studdard – June 28 (I’m Single)

America’s Teddy BEar, RuBEn Studdard, is Back and coming hard with new Single, ‘June 28 (I’m Single)’. The track brings real life situations back to music, giving you not only the soulful voice we miss from Studdard, but also that real R&B feeling as well. The Track basically tells the story of Ruben’s recent divorce to wife of two years. “June 28 I was saying goodbye to my bride and two years later in October we said goodbye…”

“The track is just creative, fun, and fresh thing. Its not to sadden but the both of us have decided to move on in life…and its something that I have gone though so decided to write about it. The song is amazing, you cant give BEtter music than real life experiences.” -RuBEn

Listen for yourself here and let us know if its …..BEast or BUST??? (Is RuBEn Back????)

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