BEast or Not: BEyonce ft Andre 3000 “Party”

BEyonce isn’t wasting any time cranking out the hits from her upcoming album 4. Here’s BEy’s latest gift “Party” featuring Andre 3000 (who the world absolutely misses), which is a more cool laid back track, with a very synchronized airy feel to it. The track is produced by Kanye West & Consequence, and samples Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s classic hit La Di Da Di. What are your thoughts? Is it BEast enough to hold Queen BEy down???

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One Reply to “BEast or Not: BEyonce ft Andre 3000 “Party””

  1. Me personally, I think at this point it is starting to feel like Beyonce is diggin at the bottom of the barel for hope… The DIE HARD fans are going to love her even if she gets on stage and does the itsy bitsy spider. Musically I feel like after a while growth for artist makes them lose themselves and luckly she has a big enough fan base (like Britney Spears) she can get away with anything ans stll be okay. The song is okay, sounded more Destiny Childish to me. No kudos for trying to bring an old things back. This song is too old for her and it seems like I would likeit better if a male did the whole song like Sammie, Llyod, Bobby V fellas in that line of music (keep Andre 3000’s part though)

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