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An exclusive, luxury fragrance collection that captures Thierry MUGLER’s visionary, sensual, and innovative gourmand approach to traditional fine perfumery. Blends of original alchemies and inventive, unique ingredients come alive in five exceptional fragrances that characterize the essence of MUGLER. Created in France by renowned noses Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault , MUGLER Les Exceptions reinterpret and magnify the great blends of traditional fine perfumery, transporting them into the future with original,  improbable yet exceptional notes.

Each Art Deco-inspired bottle with its streamlined, faceted design – decorated with a playful metal stirrup clip – showcases the distinctive and provocative architectural design that is the House of MUGLER. MUGLER Les Exceptions embody the spirit of the new MUGLER  woman as the brand debuts the exciting new modern design direction on the fall runway for the MUGLER PARIS fashion house.

Mugler Chyprissime
Chyrprissime’s pure, resonant and fresh brightness is a modern twist on the classic chypre scent –based on traditional blends of BErgamot orange, oak moss, cistus labdanum and patchouli – with a surprise accent of pear introduced to create a harmonious fruit accord.

Mugler Supra Floral
The soliflore is reinvented around the hyacinth, a remarkable flower that is extremely rare in perfume making, paired with an amBEr-based incense.

Mugler Fougère Furieuse
The fougère accent, traditional in men’s fragrances, reveals a wealth of aromatic and woody notes, combined with geranium, oak moss, bergamot and coumarin. The added feminine floral elements of neroli and amber challenge the masculine character of the fougère  accord, capturing a BEwildering and addictive scent crafted for both genders.

Mugler Over the Musk
A sophisticated perfume – composed of ambrette seeds produced by the hibiscus plant – revives the character, sensuality and depth of animal musk through its transformative texture and vigor.

Mugler Oriental Express
An unexpected twist on oriental perfumes comes alive in Oriental Express. Combinations of originally sensual blends of balms, resins, vanilla and sandalwood, with unusual bases of carrot, seed and wood result in an innovative edginess that pays tribute to traditional oriental perfumery while maintaining a sumptuous opulence.

An exceptional setting for an exceptional service
Exceptional perfumery is also a matter of atmosphere. The luxurious surroundings and customized service designed around the MUGLER Les Exceptions is of paramount importance. This premium line is showcased within the brand world at the heart of the latest  MUGLER architectural concept.

At the consultation table, the MUGLER ambassador guides, gives personalized advice, and takes the time to introduce the story BEhind each Exception to the point of revealing a few of the secrets of composition. A distinctive approach has BEen developed to promote a subtle, true-to-form and optimal olfactory discovery. The fragrance is vaporized on a paper cone which “harvests” the vapors BEfore being placed on a beautifully designed base to form a bouquet of scented cones. And, finally, the last step: the ritual of filling the precious “empty” bottle, held BEtween the gloved hands of the MUGLER ambassador. Endlessly refillable, the MUGLER Exception bottle is a treasured keepsake.

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