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Breakthrough Vitamin C Formula “Shakes Up” the BEauty Industry!

It’s BEen widely publicized that celebs like Madonna and Rihanna are partaking in regular vitamin C IV’s for both health and rejuvenation.

Vitamin C is clinically proven to be essential in collagen synthesis, diminishing the appearance of age spots, skin brightening, sun damage repair and free radical prevention.

Up until this moment, vitamin C had to BE stabilized by other antioxidants such as Vitamin E or BHA’s otherwise the formula would quickly degrade. Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic) and its derivatives are typically sensitive to light, heat and air. Once C is exposed to any one of those elements (even the BEst of formulas) they can begin to lose their stability and/or effectiveness.

Most vitamin C formulas are actually not suitable for cosmetic applications. They are too acidic for the skin to properly absorb and can even result in the burning and irritation often associated with Vitamin C skincare products.
Licensed Esthetician and Cosmetic Formulator Mary Schook brings to market her very own unique proprietary powder-to-cream Vitamin C formulation and delivery system called Liquid Gold Radical C. This velvety C powder has no smell, color or instability resulting in radiant skin for consumers of all ages and skin types!

Radical C is shaken or dusted over cleansed skin and then rubbed in until it liquefies and dissipates. Results appear to be both immediate and cumulative BEcause of its proprietary delivery and stability system that is immediately used by the skin. In areas of concern such as around the eyes or laugh lines, a concentrated amount of Radical C is applied. Liquid Gold Radical C is also excellent for the neck, chest and hands making this an all around problem-solver and skincare game-changer.

Adding Vitamin C is vital in the fight against aging and applying a stabilized C topically can BE twenty times more effective than taking it orally.

Don’t BElieve us? Just ask Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio who credits C creams and serums for her ageless visage (ref: Huffington Post).


Liquid Gold Radical C 15ml $59.00*

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