#BeCares BEcome the King and Queen You are with ThroneLife, the Movement

The ThroneLife Initiative was started DecemBEr 2013 in Atlanta,Ga. Initially the idea  for ThroneLife was to BE a clothing line but the vision developed more, it BEcame  movement that would not only build and empower people for greatness, but also give back and enrich the community.

The overall  mission of ThroneLife is to reach into the communities and BEcome an outreach program through volunteer/mentoring services and other positive activities.The  message they thrive to spread is  that “We are all Kings and Queens and we should carry ourselves as such. You can only BE a true King or Queen when you uplift and motivate the people around you continuing to promote Unity, Empowerment, Self-Love and Self-Worth”.

This is a growing initiative and  are looking to make a major impact .  They are currently seeking unique individuals to join the movement today.

O’Naje Taylor /@najpharaoh

Founder of ThroneLife

Visit http://thronelife.bigcartel.com/product/thronelife-sweatshirt


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