HHE is Looking For HER…BEcome an HHE International Spokesmodel

Ladies…do you have what it takes to BE an International Spokesmodel? Do you have the BEauty (inside & out) to travel the world and teach other ladies the importance of looking good and BEing at their BEst? If this sound like your expertise, you could possibly BE the next HHE (Human Hair Express…simply pronounced HE) International Spokesmodel.

“HHE is looking for HER. We are absolutely still looking for that spokesmodel; we’ve BEen going hard on our search since last week & the winner will BE announced at the Bonner Brothers weekend this August in Atlanta. It’s very important that the spokesmodel is not all about her BEauty on the outside; it’s about her inner BEauty as well. There’ll BE various community service fulfillments. We need to stress that we’re looking for an INTERNATIONAL Spokesmodel, and we mean that. It’s a great opportunity for both the spokesmodel & for HHE to present her and our wonderful product to the world. We’re gonna let the world know that HHE is HER biggest fan…”

-Robert Errold Scott (HHE Co-CEO & Co-Founder)

Human Hair Express llc. is the first international corporation owned and operated by Black males that imports, distributes and sells human hair for weaves and hair extensions. For more information about HHE or to purchase some products TODAY visit http://www.humanhairexpress.com/shop.html.

HHE will also BE Featured in the upcoming ISSUE XXX of BE Entertained Magazine!!! Special thanks to RoBErt “E-Dolo” Scott for taking the time to fully explain the means BEhind HHE & to Nikki Walker PR for this blessing. Say THANKS ladies!!!!

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