#BEFeatured: Torrei Hart “Hart and Soul”


BE MAG: Tell us about yourself? Born and raised? 

TH: I was born in Philadelphia and moved to New Jersey at the age of 9. So I claim both Philly and Jersey. I moved back to Philly from Jersey   after graduating high school. And moved to Los Angeles when I was 23. I recently got a place in Atlanta for the show as well. I do travel a lot  and love it ,but LA is my home base. I would describe me as very spiritual and loving . I’m a free loving spirit. I’m a hustler and hard worker.  I’m a loving mother which i would say is my greatest thing in life. I absolutely love my kids!

BE MAG: BEing apart of the Atlanta Exes cast? Initial feelings?

TH: I knew the producers of the show we attend the same church and I was actually approached to do the Hollywood Exes project. I ended up turning down that offer I just kind of felt like I wasn’t really or would not really be a good fit with those women in that cast.  However, I did tell them to keep me in mind and they did. Then they told me about Atlanta Exes and who was he cast and I was like ok this may be a better fit for me. The women and I are close in age and have several things in common so I think I made the right choice. 

BE MAG: Re-watching the shows now, Does it bring back up emotions and feelings you have with other cast members?

TH: You know what the only time I felt that way was the scene BEtween me and Tameka. I mean when I saw it again I was like damn Torrei you really went in but i feel like if you keep pushing me i will snap! Right in that moment we talked about it and said you know what it happened let’s move on and past it . After that i told myself i can’t ever allow someone to take me there to that point.  One of my main goals going into the show was not to show women fighting physically but you can fight with words and get your point across.

BE MAG:How do you find that balance between BEing the best mom you can BE and your career?

TH: Honestly I’ve never had it all figured out. I’ve BEen lucky and blessed though to have support system like no other. I have such great family and friends who help me out and who have really stepped up to make this work. Also Kevin is a great father and really steps in to help it balance out. 

BE MAG: Talk to us about your Cherry Limeade Skimpy Mixer? 

TH: My manager and I were sitting down talking and just talking about next steps and what I wanted to do. I told him I was interested in getting into the beverage industry. So him BEing the manager he is tracked down a company and found the company BEhind Skimpy Mixer and they were looking for a face and person to help launch one of their new flavors. It’s a female owned company which I loved, so I said lets do this. I like what your about and I have my own flavor I would like to create and endorse and they were with it and Cherry Limeade Skimpy Mix was created. It’s my own creation and I actually used my kids as the taste testers.  It taste good, non-alcoholic and is available in Wal-Mart stores,Amazon, and on my website (www.torreihart.com). We are also looking to expand into Target stores.

BE MAG: Any other projects we should BE looking for from you in 2014?

TH: I am currently filming a movie with Kat Williams and I have a book coming out very soon as well. I just finished it so I’m just trying to decide a release date. It’s about bouncing back after facing adversity and BEing knocked down. There was a young lady who reached out to me on social media and she was about to kill herself. She was a married woman with kids and everything. What happened is her husband ended up leaving her for a younger woman who was his mistress. The wife was devastated, she had helped this man build his career. So she reached out to me and told me she had BEen following me and my story and she just said to me please help me im ready to end my life. When i saw on my facebook i said “Oh Hell No” and I immediately reached back out to her and gave her my number and told her to call me.  She calls and I start to pray with her. I told her you don’t end your life over NOBODY! Life happens but you keep moving on and praying and you will come through anything. I told her my story and how I got back from hitting that low point. Thank goodness we had that talk cause she ended up not taking her life.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/torreilorinhart

Instagram: torreihart

Website: www.torreihart.com

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