BEhind the Call of Duty….Corey Mekell

Since a very early age, Corey Mekell knew he wanted to BE in music after discovering the talents of entertainers Micheal Jackson then Usher. Excited with seeing the way they commanded the crowd and the amazing work they did, he saw himself BEing no less than the BEst. Drawing inspiration from his Grandmother who provided him with an amazing gospel upbringing, and seeing great singers do what they love fills him with the passion to go hard & keep going.

Singer, songwriter, and future entertainment icon,  Mekell got his start from his Youtube channel covering some of our favorite hits from artists like Usher & Ne-yo. Industry wise, he got his start while singer Omarion was on his promo tour. One of the personalities asked if anyone in the crowd could sing and would like to come up on stage. Corey Jumped on stage and immediately demanded the attention of the entire crowd. He was picked up by his former manager, and was soon placed in a singing group started by Marvelous Marvin L. McIntyre. The group BEgan performing around the country for many of people. “Legacy” was the group’s original name and after adding another memBEr and changing management the group BEcame known as “Troop”. The group didn’t quite come together as expected, so the group mutually disbanded with each memBEr continuing to support the goals of one another.

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One of Corey’s first claims to success came when the song “BEautiful Sex”, was featured on the hit BET show “The Game”. The song was written by Corey, Dani Wright, Shannon Lee and Best Friend and fellow 50/50 music artist Carlysia Levert. The song originally wasn’t meant for the show, but for a project they were working on. The song was handed over to a producer of the show, the producer immediately knew they wanted the song for a particular scene & the rest is history.

After all of the hard work, the things Corey appreciates the most is feedback from the fans, inspiration from others, and knowing that he can inspire people to achieve their dreams.

While working on his new project and discussing the project with his manager, the title “Call of Duty” came about. The title shows his fans that it is his DUTY to show what love is and what love could BE through words. Representing himself as an artist and letting people know what he had BEen working so hard for.

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5-10 years from now, he hopes to BE working on new albums, establishing his Corey Mekell Foundation which would give direction to the youth providing guidelines for success showing kids that your dreams are attainable. He also hopes he’s able to provide for his family.

Call of Duty Mixtape is available for download now. Expect more videos, more shows, more videos. Make sure you Hit Corey up on twitter @CoReyMeKeLL

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